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Our Story

a family tradition

Welcome to the family

It was 1945 that the founders of Tweeddales, Stuart and Thelma decided to venture into beekeeping. From very humble beginnings they, with their son Don, and with the help and support of his wife Conchita, have evolved the business into one of the largest family owned beekeeping operations in New Zealand..

Operating 19,010 beehives the honey business is an all family affair with four generations involved who are all passionate and dedicated to producing the highest quality natural honey, ranging from high quality Manuka Honey produced off our own lands of 16,000 acres, to the beautifully flavoured Forest Honey (Maori name Rewarewa). Produced also is our Clover blend which is a mixture of Clover and Mixed Wild Flower which gives a delicious mild taste.

Tweeddale Honey with its long bee-keeping history is dedicated to providing quality natural and fully traceable honey which we take passion and pride in producing

Propolis New Zealand

Early bee keeping with original 1947 Ford Truck

New Zealand Honey
Feeding bees during Spring
Clover honey New Zealand

Don Tweeddale aged 10 years with first beehive collected from the swarm of bees

Rewarewa Honey New Zealand

Early harvesting of clover honey truck being loaded to return back to the honey factory.

Manuka Honey New Zealand
Spring 1979
Feeding the bee hives during the spring. Preparing the hives for the summer harvest.
Clover honey New Zealand
Mark & Steven Tweeddale preparing bee hives to move to remote Manuka Land

Our Family

Clover honey New Zealand

Don and children with the late Stuart Tweeddale. Steven, Mark, Stuart, Kim, Don

Propolis New Zealand

Conchita and daughters, Rowena Lee, Maria Espejo, Maria Boyle